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 Biography Outline:

The bio covers three main areas, Your name, Then, & Now.  You are not restricted to the information listed below:  For a reference see the bios already on the site.  Click on the work |Unit Personnel | beside the tiger photo.  

Please send us two photos of yourself, one when in the unit and one taken within the last 12 months.

Your Name:  Your name will appear at the top of the page with your primary assignment, Pilot, Crew Chief, Gunner, Support Personnel, Etc.  Also include any nicknames and/or call signs while in the unit.

The Then and Now section: 

 (submit information for each topic below)

Then:  (information on member while in the 68th AHC and other Military Units)

Date when you arrived in the 68th or one of it's detachments:   date & rank

Date you arrived in the unit.    Your rank upon arrival  

Date when you departed the 68th:   date & rank

Date you departed the unit    Your rank upon leaving  

Duties in the unit and detachments:   list all,  see examples for help

List all of your duties.


Other Assignments:   Other Assignments in the unit

 Other Military Assignments

Training:     What & Where  including basic training and schools
                  and other Army units.

 Other Military Assignments
  Units and years there

Basic Training -
AIT Training-


Other Units--

DOS:   date you left the service / Rank


Now:  (information on the member since leaving the service)

Current Residence:   

 City    State  


 What you do or did do before retirement  

Family:  (List all those you are proud of)   

Wife, kids, grandkids, dog, cat  


 Things you do for fun or relaxation  

Remarks:    If any     



That was easy, now just email it to Frans at
 or Dave Green at


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