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Individual Awards
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Awards listed below are from copies of official records.
Please inform us if you notice any errors.  These are not from official government records, but from copies sent to this site by one of the people listed on the award copy.

Name Rank Award Date Awarded Unit Gen. Order #
Farthing , Thomas. Sp-5 Bronze Star 15-02-68--22-08-68 68th AHC 1st AvBg  6442
Fiorito , Vincent A. Sp-4 Air Medal  w  "V" 16-03-68 68th AHC 1st AvBg  3960
Fisher , Russell A. Sp-4 Air Medal  w  "V" 11-04-68 68th AHC 1st AvBg  6388
Frymire , Billy L. Sp-4 Air Medal 1--26 clusters 28-11-67--26-09-68 68th AHC 1st AvBg  7505
Frank , Lawrence A. PFC Air Medal 25-01-68 68th AHC 1st AvBg  364
Fuentes , Gilbert T. Sp-4 Air Medal  w  "V" 16-03-68 68th AHC 1st AvBg  3998
Fuentes , Gilbert T. Sp-4 Air Medal  1-27 not listed 68th AHC 1st AvBg 
Fuentes , Gilbert T. Sp-4 Army Commendation Medal 09-66--08-68 68th AHC 1st AvBg  5505


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