Emil D. Younger - Aircraft Mechanic  

Top Tiger  







Arrived in unit:  Feb. 19, 1970  Sp-4

Departed unit:   Jan. 1, 1971   Sp-4

Duties in unit:   Motor pool, pumped Jp-4

Other Assignments:   Basic at Ft. Polk, LA;  Aircraft Maintenance School at Ft. Rucker, AL.; Hunter AAF, Savannah, GA.

Training:   67W20, Vietnam

DOS Army:   Feb. 28, 1971, E-5 Sgt.


Current Residence:   Meeker, Oklahoma

Occupation:  GM auto mechanic, engine builder for Ford, aircraft maintenance (chief mechanic and trainer), volunteer fireman for 15 years.

Family:  I have been married to the most gorgeous girl in the world for over 29 years; we have three kids and four grandkids.

Hobbies: Building specialty autos with my son, working crafts with my wife, working with the youth at my church.

Remarks:  Put your trust in the Lord, he has a plan for you.

Email:    oldjacktownfireman@yahoo.com   or oldjacktownfarmn@mindspring.com      last update July  2005

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