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Ronald "Ron" Wilson 
Pilot - 



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Arrived in unit:   June  1970 1stLt

Departed unit:    Nov.  1970 - 1stLt

Duties in unit:    Pilot, Admin Officer; Upon the deactivation of the 68th AHC in the fall of 1970, I along with several others, including WO Don Kirschner, WO Craig Clapper, and CPT Rod Fleck were transferred out to the 334th Attack Helicopter Company.  It was reassigned to the 3/17th Air Cavalry Regiment (12th Group - 1st Aviation Brigade), at which time it was re-designated E Troop 3/17th ACR and made OPCON to the 1/9th Cav, 1st Cav Division.  It was pretty confusing for a while.  Several scout pilots were sent down from various troops in the 3/17th to retrain some of use old "Charlie" pilots into the OH58s.

Other Assignments:  Basic Ft Knox 1966, AIT Aberdeen Maryland, 88th Heavy Equipment Maint Co, Hanau Germany 1966 - 1967, Inf OCS Ft Benning GA 1968, ORWAC 70-4 Ft Wolters, TX and Ft Rucker Alabama, 68th AHC and 334th AWC Vietnam.  Reassigned to Ft Lee, VA General Equipment Test Activity (Company Commander).   Left active duty in March 1973. Joined 265th Engineer Group,GA Army National Guard (AGR position Training NCO)  Served with 540th Quarter Master Battalion, North Carolina National Guard, with whom I served during Desert Storm 1990-1991. Final assignment to Army Reserves, where I helped set up the Chaplain Assistant program at Ft. Jackson, SC and as an instructor in supply and food service at Ft. Lee, VA.

Training:    Officer Rotary, others see above

DOS Army:  Sept. 1998   -  CPT


Current Residence:   Philippi, WV

Occupation:   I am retired on VA Disability. When I was working, I was an HVAC Service Technician for many years, for which I served apprenticeship in 1961.

   My wife Sarah passed away in 1975. Am now married to Connie Sue. Have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Hobbies:  I am heavily involved in Amateur radio, call sign K8RWW. I hold an extra-class ticket, and assisted Army MARS during hurricane Katrina.

Email:   last update Oct  2007

Remarks:  Want to say hello to everyone, and look forward to seeing all in San Antonio this fall. God Bless everyone.  In addition to the military, I completed my education with a Master of Arts in Historic Theology, and a Doctorate of Religious Education.  Severed in church ministry, as pastor and teacher for many years.  Had to give it up due to PTSD,  got to carrying to many problems.

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