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Richard E. Warren 
Pilot  -  Top Tiger - Mustang 53
deceased 2009






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Arrived in unit:   June  1969 WO1

Departed unit:    June  1970   CW2

Duties in unit:    Pilot - 2nd Lift Platoon and Mustangs

Other Assignments:   Ft. Polk Basic Training, Ft. Wolters, Hunter AAF Advanced Flight, 68th AHC Vietnam, 56th AVN. DET Coleman Bks. Germany

Training:    Warrant Officer Rotary Wing School Class 69-11

DOS Army:  


Current Residence:   Mooresville, NC

Occupation:   Coffee Shop Owner
Every Thursday morning, Veterans have an informal get-together. Anywhere from 60 to 70 Veterans will come in and enjoy free coffee. On Saturday morning, we have a blue grass music jam session and usually about 20 to 25 musicians will come in from all around the area and play for 4 to 5 hours.



My coffee shop here in Mooresville, NC has been called the Most Patriotic Coffee Shop in America. Over 5,000 Veterans have come in and signed the "Book of Honor". We are involved in several activities, Marine Corps "Toys for Tots"; always count on us for being one of the largest collectors at Christmas. Freightliner Corp, located in Cleveland, NC, bring their "Ride of Pride" truck to the shop to honor All Veterans. May 22,2008 was the 4th year Freightliner has parked the newest truck in front of the shop before it goes to Washington, DC with Rolling Thunder bikers as its' escort. Many organizations contact us for a guest speaker at a Patriotic event or those needing an Honor Guard for a special flag raising. March 17,2008 Military times (Army Times, Marine Times, etc.) included the coffee shop in a section called "Race City USA" because the shop is located in the town of Mooresville, NC where most of the NASCAR teams are located. If you are in the area, please stop in and say hello and be sure and sign the "Book of Honor". Among those who have signed in are Porter Halyburton, Fred Cherry and Quincy Collins, all 3 were 7 1/2 year POW's in the infamous Hanoi Hilton.

Email:  last update June  2008


Main Page  Unit (History) Reports | List of Unit Members |
 Members Biographies |  List of Contributors to this website |