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Robert E. Tyma 
USAF  Relief Gunner



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Arrived in unit:   Aug.  1970   E-4

Departed unit:     Nov.  1970 -  E-4

Duties in unit:  Assigned to  USAF duties at Bien Hoa AFB - volunteered for relief gunner on Top Tiger flights.

Other Assignments:  USAF personnel

    USAF Lackland AFB, Clovis AFB, Hulbert Field, Ton Son Knut Vietnam, Bien Hoa Vietnam, Kirtland AFB, Shu Lin Kou Air Station, Hanscom AFB, Hickam AFB, Clark AFB, USAF Command

DOS Army:
   Retired USAF  E-6  April 1988



Current Residence:   Ocala, FL

  Retired now, I previously worked in the computer industry as an assembler, and worker in the oil field industry as a project manager.  Before I joined the Air Force, I was an Imaging Engineer for Walt Disney Interprises and worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

  Married to my wife, Ramona and have one son and 2 daughters. We have 3 grandchildren. We have been hoping to have some more.

Hobbies:  My wife and I like to go on cruises. We prefer Royal Caribbean cruise line, but have been on other cruise lines also. We also like to travel to different places. If we ever hit the lottery, we were thinking of moving to either Aruba or Curasoa

Remarks:   I flew with the 68th as a relief gunner on the weekends. WO Day is the one who got me flying with the 68th. I am the one
 who got members plywood for the hooch's. I am not the one who fired on friendliest

I was determined by the VA to be medically disabled. We like living in Florida because we do not have any of the white stuff to get rid of in the winter. Don't get mad, but I have been a 49's fan since 1956.

Email:  rtzttm@msn.com      last update   May  2012


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