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Pat Tompkins - Crew Chief  

Top Tiger - Smokey 









Arrived in unit:  Feb. 1968 - PFC

Departed unit:   Feb. 1969 - Sp-5 

Duties in unit:  Crew Chief on Smokey Tail  #868

Other Assignments:  Basic-Fort Ord, Calif.  - AIT-Ft.. Rucker, AL 

Training:   67N20 Ft Rucker

DOS Army:   Nov. 8, 1968.  DEROS-Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA


Current Residence:   Indian Trail, North Carolina 

Occupation:  School teacher and coach for the last 13 years.  Previously I was a supervisor in the textile industry.  

Family:  Married to Vicki  (39Yrs.); 3 Sons, 2 Married, Youngest is a  2nd. LT in the Army.

Coaching High School Sports, Sports in general, Motorcycles and Old Cars

Remarks:  I am very proud to be a Mustang and proud of my service in Viet Nam.

Email:   pat.tompkins@ucps.k12.nc.us      last update Sept. 2006


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