William "Bill" Tighe 
Crew Chief -  Top Tiger 



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Arrived in unit:   Jan. 1969 - PFC  

Departed unit:     Sept. 1970 - Sp-5

Duties in unit:   Mechanic, Crewchief of Tiger Tail, line Crewchief, drinking the EM club out of beer.

Other Assignments:   After return from Vietnam I joined the reserves and served as Crewchief/flight Engineer on CH 47’s. Other assignments included Detachment Sgt. Medevac Unit, Drill Instructor, 1SG Basic Training Corps, CSM Basic Training Battalion.

Training:   67N20  Ft Eustis, VA

DOS Army:    August 1998, rank was Command Sgt Major


Current Residence:     Marysville, Washington

Occupation:   Deputy with the King’s County Sheriff’s department.  Retired for medical reasons after 20 years. I am now starting a trucking company.

Family:  I adopted three step children, two of which were boys who went on to become Army Rangers.

Hobbies:  I don’t do anything for fun except drink beer.    

Remarks:  I have no life – I own a business

Email:    comsgtmaj@msn.com  last update July  2006

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