James  "Peaches"  Thompson
Air Frame Repair  

Top Tiger  - Hanger/crew chief/gunner


Photo from Unit unavailable.







Arrived in unit:  Jan. 1968 -  E-1

Departed unit:   Jan. 1969 -  Sp-5

Duties in unit:  Air Frame repair, flew at night, filled in for door gunners/crewchiefs.

Other Assignments:   I was assigned to the 391st Trans Det.  Flew with the 68th.
I was awarded the Air Metal with 3 clusters.

Training:   Basic (Ft. Benning), Air frame repair (Ft. Eustis,Va.), 197th Inf Bdge (Ft. Benning), NCO academy (Ft. McCellan, Ala.)

DOS Army:   1970, Sp-5


Current Residence:   Claxton, GA

Occupation:  Public Safety Instructor III, Supervisor for Ga. Dept. Corrections Training Division

Family:  Married, 2 children, 5 step children, 11 grandkids, 2 great grandkids

Fishing, boating, hunting


Email:    thompj02@dcor.state.ga.us  last update July. 2006

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