Joseph A. Matusz  

Flight Line Maintenance Mechanic - Top Tiger

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Arrived in unit:  June 1967 - PFC

Departed unit:   June 1968 - Sp-4  

Duties in unit:  Flight Line Maintenance Mechanic (67N20)
General Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic (67N20)

Other Assignments:  Ft. Jackson, South Carolina (Basic--10/1966 thru 12/1966); USAAVN School, Ft. Rucker, Alabama (AIT--01/1967 thru 05/1967); Hunter Army Air Field, Ft. Stewart, Georgia (06/1968 thru 10/1968)

Training:   67N20, Single Rotor Helicopter Maintenance School see above.

DOS Army:   1968     Sp-4 



Current Residence:   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Occupation:  Vice President -- International Trade Banking

Family:  Married to Patricia (Pat)--June 6, 1970; Son--Steve (born October 17, 1974); Daughter--Stacy (born May 4, 1978); Grandson--Francis Jeremy DeCaesar (born March 3, 2006)

Hobbies:    Photography, Gardening, Travel (Domestic & Foreign), Stamp Collecting and I enjoy playing with our first grandchild (Francis Jeremy)

Remarks: Joe is a member of the finance committee for The Philadelphia Veterans  Multi-Service & Education Center (PVMSEC) located in Philadelphia, PA (

Email:     last update Aug. 2006

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